One Pot Meal #6: Recipe in honor of Cinco de Mayo!

Whether or not you celebrate Cinco de Mayo, you may just love to prepare a great meal with no mess -so let’s take it up a notch.. Vegetarian meals aren’t typically something people crave, but every once in a while, I see something that looks so good I just can’t pass it up. It doesn’t hurt that vegetarian meals always leave me feeling fresh and healthy as well. 

Enjoy this very flexible recipe for a vegetarian burrito bowl – made in the oven – no mess! You could even step-up the portion and invite your neighbors over for dinner! No matter what they like or don’t like, it’s a great choice which caters to people with different tastes. It’s delicious. We personally cook it using butternut squash instead of sweet potato, and I love to add in quinoa or wild rice. Don’t forget about your toppings! 

One-Pan Vegetarian Burrito Bowls