Barefoot in the Park…

Taking a walk takes on a new meaning as a Senior… Did you know you can boost your energy levels, control your blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, and improve your posture just by making one change in your day to day life? Walking barefoot has been proven to do all of these things and more, and the best part is that you don’t even have to do it outside. In the comfort of your own home, walking around with your shoes off will still bring these numerous benefits to life. If you have windows that look out to a garden or a great view, it can be your own version of a walk in the park. 

Personally, I’m a strong advocate of barefoot walking. In the past my feet had hardened and I could walk barefoot on the roughest of terrains. Of course, this was in high school when I didn’t have to work every day and run errands on my days off. As real life came up quickly, my feet softened just as fast. Now I’m lucky if I can withstand hot sand on a beach. 

When it’s beautiful out and I know of a soft grounded trail, I still enjoy walking barefoot outside, but most of the time if it’s rough ground, too hot or too cold, I walk with my shoes on. This doesn’t mean that I’m not still a strong advocate of being barefoot. Anytime I’m at home or in my garden, I’m always shoes-off. Getting your feet used to walking barefoot introduces and strengthens muscles that reduce the risk of injury. Walking barefoot makes each step healthier, and in return makes your hips and knees move better as well. It improves your overall posture and stimulates the nerves in your feet which also reduces stress levels. 

Enjoy this article that goes through the benefits and tells you how to do it properly, from warm-up routines to get your feet used to the idea to gradual steps to be sure it is safe and enjoyable.