Outside-The-Box Vacation Ideas

This list is full of unusual vacation ideas, some of which are plenty affordable, and others being a little pricey but worth it. Have you ever heard of an ice hotel? What about an underwater hotel? They’re within reach! Although my friends who have stayed in ice hotels complain about the chilly temperature, I’m not sure what they were expecting. If you’re well prepared and like chilly weather, it isn’t freezing and it is an unbelievable experience. If odd hotels aren’t really your thing, perhaps you’re a history buff! Staying in an active (but rich with history) town like Deadwood might be just the thing for you. If you enjoy your solitude, I’d recommend trying to arrange staying in a ghost town! I’ve actually done that several times before, and it is incredible. It’s surreal to walk around a town without a single person present. If you’re looking to stay on a farm, be aware there are more options you can look into, aside from the link included in the article. Enjoy going through this list and possibly finding your new vacation goals –