A Plant “Pick-Me-Up”

We all look for a little pick-me-up throughout our day. Whether it be a cup of coffee, an evening cocktail, or a call from our family. With the trending hobby of indoor planting, you can reap the benefits that come to your body and mind. It has been shown that keeping plants in your environment can boost your mood through a mixture of color therapy as well as its natural effect on cleaning and purifying the air. These studies were examined and tested with NASA as the plants were able to clean the air for outer space conditions, and came with the benefit of soothing anxiety and minimizing headaches. Within modern tests on color therapy, it is believed that soft and dark greens can stabilize moods and boost dopamine production in the brain. However, if you are worried about it taking up a lot of space in your home, don’t be! It is shown that one only needs to fill two percent of a given room to feel the effects of cleaner air which can lead to fewer headaches and increased respiratory health. While all these benefits are amazing, it is also nice to have a hobby of taking care of plants and adding moments of peace to your day. To learn more about these benefits just click here and if you are compelled, you can start your own home terrarium through this link

– Atticus Grey