Tricky Windex

Who knew a bottle of Windex has more tricks than the Great Houdini. Windex is a multifaceted bottle of glass cleaner, for apart from cleaning your mirrors, it can also be used to repel insects, remove stains in clothing, and even add shine back to your jewelry. If you’ve ever had to deal with the hounding problem of fruit flies, roaches, and wasps, you don’t need to go to your local hardware store to fight them. Bugs can’t stand the natural aroma of Windex, and if one sprays it by the openings of windows and doors, they will be inclined to leave your lovely home safe and bug-free! 

We all know the boiling frustration of wine stains and tomato sauce getting on your clothes during your night’s pursuits, and let’s not even begin to think about the stains our kids seem to magically create. By lightly spraying your clothes with Windex, permitting it is not soft silk, you can wait 15 minutes to blot and wash those stains away. Finally, another brilliant use of Windex involves creating a 50/50 solution with hydrogen peroxide and steeping it for only 10 minutes, and gently washing it off after brushing it. This is very useful with silvers and gold, though is not recommended with soft gems such as emerald, opal, and amber. To learn more about the other uses of Windex just click here 

– Atticus Grey