Drive-Through Safaris

One attraction that is all over the US but rarely talked about is the “drive-through safari”! If you’ve never been to one, you must. It’s exciting and very up-close & personal. Attached to this article is a list of ten great parks (with great photos) throughout the US, but if these are too out of reach for you, just look one up in your own state! You’d be surprised how many there are.

Let’s review the many benefits to drive-through safaris. 1) If you’re an animal advocate, keep in mind that most of these parks support plenty of animal preservation causes all over the world. 2) It’s a privilege to see these exotic animals and not have the cold sight of bars between you and them. 3) Perhaps you used to love going to the zoo, but now it’s just too much walking or too much sun, etc. Aging can be difficult and may restrict you from doing the things you used to, but drive-through safaris are a great way to stay comfortable and do something wild!

If the park you choose permits you to feed the animals, be aware that when you do, they often will put their whole head in the car to get to that feed! If you have a friend with you, ask them to make a video with their cell phone and then post it on your social media for great entertainment…  go HERE for the top 10 list!