How to Fight Menopause Weight Gain

Those of us struggling with weight gain can choose to blame the pandemic which kept us homebound and led to a few too many trips to the fridge.. or facing new stresses which were eased by comfort food.. or a return to group celebrations and buffet meals.  Or as we women age, there’s a new culprit.. Menopause!

Many people associate menopause with gaining weight, but new studies show that this actually begins in the perimenopausal state (before menopause). With postmenopause, it becomes even more difficult to turn fat into fuel. The attached article explains it in detail and stresses the importance of protein over carbs (congratulations to those already trying the KETO diet!). In addition to eating healthier, exercise is always crucial. Aerobic exercise as well as lifting a bit heavier weights can make a huge difference. As we age, our bones and muscles begin to deteriorate more quickly and the benefits of appropriate weight lifting is critical to slowing this deterioration, as well as maintaining bone and spine strength so we can slow the aging effect of losing our height as quickly. Don’t forget not to strain yourself – everyone is different! Educate yourself and your loved ones as to the best exercises to implement at home, safely, and with great advice.

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