Simple Tricks to Dress Up Your Food!

Elevating the presentation of your food isn’t something people typically think of when making a routine dinner, but it sure is fun and satisfying to present something that makes you look like a five star chef. A few favorites of mine from this article are microgreens, swirling, and edible flowers! Microgreens are something I always have in the fridge. A wonderful addition to a classic sandwich, an elegant topping for any breakfast, and even sometimes just for looks as a garnish on a soup!

Speaking of soup, I absolutely love the ease and simplicity of swirling that nice white line of sour cream on top of any solid colored soup. Last but not least, I am obsessed with edible flowers! Honestly, I only eat them half the time, but golly they sure do look incredible on a plate. The best part of edible flowers is you can find them in your own backyard! Please do not pick your own edible flowers if you are the least bit unsure, but if you know a florist or you’re confident in your foraging skills, edible flowers are a fun way to step up any dish. 

Attached is an article with several simple ways to make your food pop