What’s Next?

Adlai Stevenson said: “It is not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts” There seems to be a rather elusive question when it comes to planning your future: What’s next?  In school we get used to the same routine only to change up the pattern with our careers. Countless cups of coffee and late nights responding to emails span many years. For many of us, “what’s next” is emphasized by starting a beautiful family. Fast forward to retirement.. then what’s next? Is it golf and Arnold Palmer, is it finally living that oceanfront life? The grand truth of this question is that the “what” doesn’t matter. It’s time to focus on how content you are with whatever you’re doing. Bonnie Rubin, a former reporter for the Chicago Times, touched on how her life had felt a sense of emptiness in her retirement. She pursued something to fill her life with order and purpose by ironically going back to work. She works two days a week at a beautiful flower shop where she is able to cater to people in times of great joy and loss. What surprised her was not only how this brought back the essence of contentment, but how this added structure to her life beyond work. She was no longer inclined to procrastinate because she was happy to do a job where she helps others. Her asking “What’s next?” helped her find joy. You can read her full story here. So what’s next for you? 

-Atticus Grey