83 yr old Sets World Record, Sailing Alone

An inspirational true story, Kenichi Horie just set the world record for sailing alone, non-stop, across the Pacific Ocean at the amazing age of 83 years old. Even wilder, this wasn’t his first time setting the record. At the age of 23, he was the first person in the world to sail non-stop and unaided across the Pacific Ocean. Although a significantly worthy feat, crossing the finish line was not how anyone would have imagined. As he arrived on the United States shores, he was quickly arrested due to a lack of passport and money. What could’ve turned into a heartrending story took a turn yet again when the mayor heard what he had just accomplished. After learning of the journey, he was given an honorary visa. Kenichi says he did not think he’d still be completing challenges like this in his older age, but believes you should not let your dreams just remain dreams. 

Enjoy reading this story about the record breaking man, Kenichi Horie, and be motivated to tackle your dreams! Perhaps you can plan to reach a different goal which survives generations, and which your family and descendants will celebrate for years to come.


83-Year-old Sets World Record Sailing Alone Across the Pacific Without Stopping