Weight Loss Diets for Men 50+.. a smorgasbord of choices

Eating healthy can sound pretty complicated these days.. So many doctors are saying different things and it’s hard to know who to listen to. The KETO diet has been incredibly successful for people everwhere, and it seems to be a general consensus that cutting carbs out is helpful for losing weight. This article offers 3 other popular diets; DASH diet, Mediterranean diet, and MIND diet.  Each of these focus on different issues depending on what you are facing as you age.  The DASH diet is very helpful to prevent or stop hypertension or high blood pressure. The Mediterranean diet is most in line with Keto, and helps extend your years, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease / heart attack.  The MIND diet boosts brain functions and is associated with a decreased risk of dementia.

When someone begins a diet to lose weight, they need to be careful they’re still getting all the nutrition they need to get slim but stay healthy. This article is aimed at men aged 50 years old and older, and ranges from healthy bones to maintaining blood pressure, avoiding nerve problems to improving brain function and much, much more.  Make your grocery list as you read this link for Diets for Men 50+ and embrace a wholesome new outlook as you piece together a new diet to match your taste, and drop that weight while improving your health from top to bottom!