Seniors that are Wild for the Wild West..

If you love Trivia shows and games on your phone, you’re gonna love this rare link to an old game show where Virgil Earp (yes, Wyatt Earp’s nephew) will stun you with his knowledge!  Not only that, if you think we have tough questions on Jeopardy, just try getting a long series of questions all at once.. So here is proof that perhaps the older you get, the smarter you get if your memory is as sharp as his.  I can’t even imagine winning this much money today, much less back then!

Remembering the pioneer days, this is a dream for most people to witness: an old video has resurfaced of this man born in 1879 talking about what he remembers of the Wild West. Imagine walking into an old school saloon, a fly buzzing around your drink, and cowboy boots everywhere. A time when name brands meant little to nothing and there were minimal laws. This could serve as a great inspiration to quiz your grandparents on what they remember about fun facts from their younger days wherever they grew up, and explore the hot topics of their time back then.  Watch this video and enjoy a blast from the past!