Smoky Cheese Dip grabs attention!

Summer may be all about sunny weather, fun in the water, and cold beverages & treats… but when you have a chance to pull off a smoky cheese dip that everyone raves about, then it’s not something to save until Fall weather arrives!  This recipe for “drunken melted cheese” brings agave’s distinctive smoky mezcal into the picture, as you add it during the cooking of chorizo sausage and vegetables, letting the alcohol evaporate and leaving behind the unforgettable lasting impression of a fun-filled bonfire.

You can choose your favorite chips for dipping – or for those who are trying to avoid carbs.. pork rinds have zero carbs but a great crunch, and serve as a creative vehicle for the dip! Let us know what you think after giving this simple recipe a try, and be ready for your friends to ask you for the recipe –


Cooking from the Bar Cart: Mezcal Meets Melted Cheese