Berry Cake with only 2 ingredients!

An abnormal dessert, we bring to you an absolutely delectable no bake berry cake. This is an out-of-the-ordinary method that I’ve never heard of before. It only uses two ingredients – unsweetened applesauce and gelatin! What makes this cake full of berry flavor is the kind of unsweetened applesauce you get. This means you could make all sorts of different flavored cakes – cinnamon apple, strawberry apple, blueberry apple, etc! As far as labeling it as a cake goes, it’s certainly not your typical kind of cake. It stands up like a cake just because of the whipping process, and it melts away in your mouth as soon as you take a bite. For topping it off, I highly recommend making your own whipped cream and flavoring it however you’d like. Personally, I love putting a dash of vanilla extract in my whipped creams, but there’s many more options out there to explore. 

Enjoy this fluffy dessert and let us know how you like it!