Methylene Blue for Skin Therapy & Alzheimer’s!

Taking care of all of our skin as we age is critical, and it’s not too late to start now! It’s nice to have hands that look as young as our faces do, and it requires the same amount of care.  Studies have shown that Methylene Blue “has recently drawn attention not only for its neuroprotective effects on treating Alzheimer’s disease but also for its anti-aging properties”. It “may effectively protect skin from oxidative stress and delay skin aging”.  Another result of these studies focused on Elastin, “one of the most abundant .. components in skin dermis, plays an important role in maintaining skin elasticity and resilience… During physiological aging, the elastin production remains relatively stable up to 30~40 years of age then drastically declines afterward”.

Here’s a very helpful link to an article less than a year old which explains the correlation between Methylene Blue and how it can help with Alzheimer’s! or here is an excellent article from MedicalNewsToday which gives another look at the science behind Aging Skin and how to combat it

And here’s a link to find the Bluelene skin cream containing methylene blue which you can order online! Bluelene cream

Be sure to take care of all your skin, whether in the summer sun or in the dry days of winter. Use nightly moisturizers for aging skin, be aware of sun protection, and even find ways to manage stress – it’s always a good idea to cover all the bases from head to toe!