A Balancing Act can keep you out of harm’s way..

Good news!  Balance is not just for ballerinas or gymnasts – and as you age, while exercise is a huge factor in all of our lives, balance is key for avoiding falls so let’s take a look at simple at-home tricks to try. None of us want to strain our backs bending over or getting out of our seats, or slip and fall in the shower – no matter how old you are. Using exercises that improve your balance help in every aspect of your life. The best part of these exercises is they can be done without going to a gym! You don’t even need an at-home gym. The only materials these exercises call for include a chair, and a line to follow! They are quick and easy, and very important for keeping you out of harm’s way. Be sure to listen to your body when doing any exercises. No pain / no gain is a myth – if you feel pain, you should stop that exercise and either rest or move on to a different routine. Balancing your life should include being physical as well as happy, and you’ll feel much better and more stable if you keep this up regularly. 


14 Exercises for Seniors to Improve Strength and Balance