One Pot Meal #11: Summer Vegetable Chowder

An absolutely delightful throw-together meal, get ready for a fantastic summer soup! Or, should I say chowder.. and although chowder is associated with a thickness that you may want to avoid during summer’s heat, this recipe calls for a light consistency easy on the stomach, and good for the soul. If you’d like to make it a little more herby, I love to add rosemary – and no matter what flavor you’re going for, some garlic powder is always nice. What I love about this chowder is that it can fit any and all of your favorite vegetables, it’s supremely flexible and delectable. Using the same base, you could turn it into a different chef special anytime in the comfort of your own home! It’s perfect for lunch, or a light dinner, or you could even step it up and turn it into a bigger entree with some sides or appetizers! I love making my own bruschetta any time I make soups for dinner. Let your creativity flourish with this summer chowder (and remember that you can always click the part that says continue without joining…)

One more note: for those of you who love to cook and are enjoying our one-pot series, I’d like to remind you of how good it feels to get new pots and pans! When I was fresh into adulthood, I would always get cheaper options and they were easy to cook with, but only for half a year or so. As I grew older, I realized that other pots and pans are more expensive for a reason – they last a whole lot longer. Even so, there comes a time when I want a fresh start! My favorite pastel blue bottomed pan will have to go to Goodwill to a new owner, and I get to choose a new pot or pan partner for the next couple years. If it’s time for your new start, check out these beautiful Non-stick turquoise pots & pans to freshen up your summer, and bring a new toy into your kitchen!