An Expert’s Guide to Pain Medication

Do you have back pain that won’t go away, no matter your daily regimen? So do I. Sometimes, although exercise is healthy for many reasons, there is pain that is caused by an aging body and can’t be healed. In these cases, most people turn to pain medication. Whether prescribed or not, there are always side effects the user should be aware of.  It’s also usually difficult to choose between two similar medications, such as choosing Aleve or Advil. This article helps describe differences, and which you should choose based on general factors. Not to be taken as medical advice in lieu of checking with your own doctor, it can be very helpful for general information. I personally loved learning so much about different pain medications from these experts. 

Aside from educating you on various pills, these doctors also bring up physical therapy, surgery, and more. Enjoy the read HERE and look out for your own specific interests! Also, don’t be afraid to click the “X” on the pop-up.