Learning Age Longevity from Turtles

Surprised by all sorts of odd research, I found it fascinating that scientists are now trying to learn how we can extend our lifespan from studying turtles. Specifically relating it to women, the research technicality is a challenge to understand but as they find out more, it may turn into better “English, please” articles. If you are a person of science, I encourage you to read these articles and find out about negligible aging – or a lack of biological aging. This circumstance is when aging just doesn’t happen! Is it caused by being cold-blooded? Is it from a slower metabolism? Could you imagine never aging? I prefer we don’t stay baby-featured forever, but I’m interested to learn what causes turtles to grow to a certain point when the science of aging has no impact on them. Read up HERE and we will keep you posted as more information on the study comes out!