Fun Facts Expertise… Supports Aging Memory Skills

Do you have a guilty obsession with something odd? Are you extremely into seashells or a book series? No matter what topic you know more about than anything else, you need hide it no longer! Now you can boast about your fun facts on the matter and feel good about how it helps improve your memory. 

“Unlike memory functions that tend to decrease with age, expert knowledge often continues to accumulate as we get older.” Doctors are using this newfound knowledge to try and improve the quality of life for aging adults. “Having more years of education, more areas of interest and more hobbies seems to reduce dementia risk and support memory in old age.” 

If you don’t have expert knowledge in something specific, it’s never too late to pick it up. Feel free to delve into topics that interest you until you find something that really catches your eye. There’s always more to learn out there, and there are certainly unique topics for every person. 

Read more HERE  about their research and how it helps everyone, no matter their age.