# 1 Summer Mocktails series with Health Benefits: Pineapple-Ginger Lemonade

Nationwide, everyone is roasting in this summer heat! Even a walk to your mailbox makes you dream about drinking an ice cold lemonade poolside. As we all get older, we realize there is certainly an effect on our bodies from consuming too much alcohol. Most of the recipes you’ll read in this series will have a boozy cocktail alternative but for those of you who aren’t fans of liquor, these are originally made to be alcohol-free and are incredible boosters of energy and health – and tasty too! Have fun reviewing the health benefits for each one, and turn your porch into a summer paradise as you sip on these healthy and heavenly Mocktails! 

Pineapple-Ginger Lemonade

Starting with lemonade – since some of you may still be drooling over the poolside sentence – I bring to you an incredible pineapple-ginger lemonade mocktail! Using lemonade as your base, you can easily access ginger shots either from your local grocery store (or organic ginger juice Here through Amazon: Great for keto diets, as well as helping aid digestion, immunity, inflammation, nausea and workout recovery).  Ginger alone is spicy and just bitter enough to bring the overly sweet tone of this drink down to “just right.” Fill a glass with ice, pour lemonade to about half-way, add pineapple juice so the glass is ¾ full, and then pour your ginger shot on top! There should be room for a shot of vodka or gin as well if you’re wanting a cocktail instead. Stir and garnish if you’d like (pineapple slices are yummy to eat and lovely to add to your glass), and head outside to enjoy! 

Ginger fights germs, keeps your mouth healthy, calms nausea, eases arthritis symptoms, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, protects against disease, and improves digestion. I try to drink it as often as possible, and it’s even better that I love the taste!