#2 Summer Mocktail series with Health Benefits: Mocktini

Continuing this series, with a tasty break from this summer heat! Whether your reason is weight loss or simply a desire to avoid a headache, most of the recipes you’ll read here are originally made to be alcohol-free and are incredible boosters of energy and health – and tasty too! Have fun and turn your porch into paradise as you sip on these healthy and heavenly Mocktails!


Next up is for those of you who love the martini feel! This mock appletini has a few different tastes since I know you do too. My preferred way to make this is with apple cider vinegar; it adds a tart and acidic flavor that pushes this mocktail right to the edge of tasting alcoholic. For those of you who enjoy a simple, sweet taste, you can enjoy this recipe by itself without the addition of apple cider vinegar. The base for this is unfiltered apple juice. If you can’t find unfiltered, then unsweetened or organic apple cider works as well. The cloudy style makes it look like an extra-cold dirty martini. Pour the apple juice into a shaking cup with ice, add fresh lemon juice (I use half a lemon, but use as little or as much as you’d like), a shot of apple cider vinegar (or less if you don’t like the taste), optional simple syrup or sugar, and shake! Pour or strain into a martini glass and sip! Garnish with apple slices if you’d like. 

Unfiltered apple juice helps the body fight against cell damage, lowers your risk of certain types of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, and helps ease inflammation in your body. Apple cider vinegar kills harmful bacteria, aids in weight loss, improves heart health, and boosts skin health.