Family trip ideas to include Grandparents & Grandchildren

Growing up, I remember almost every single time we visited our grandparents. Once, my grandmother came over to our house with an individual gift in mind for each of us. One by one, she gave us the most detailed and intricate lesson on table placement and etiquette – a lesson that stuck with all of us forever. Taking the time to reach out to your grandchildren is something that is important for both parties and builds lifetime memories. 

When I think of my grandfather on my father’s side, my memories portray him as still and reserved. Always happy to see us with kind eyes and a genuine smile, but he was mostly quiet and nowhere near as talkative as my grandmother. These were my personal memories of him, but the more time I spent with my grandparents, the more stories came out about their pasts. A different idea of my grandfather lives in my imagination now, of what he must’ve been like when he was much more lively and personified. These stories are critical to pass on. I hang on to them and will tell them to my children when speaking of their great grandparents. Stories to be passed on, and stories of the places they took me, like the incredible rock garden in their hometown of Calhoun, Georgia. (Seriously, you should go – it’s mind blowing – Calhoun Rock Garden). 

Grandparents, whether you’re in your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s, can handle a wide range of activities and have various levels of stamina. As you browse through this list of ideas for trips to take with your children or grandchildren, it seems there’s something for everyone. The trips range from 5 days to 2 weeks and are spread out across the country from coast to coast!  Spend time with your grandchildren as soon as you can, and make a lifetime of memories with them. I can speak for all of the grandchildren out there who want to get to know you just as much as you want to see them.  If you’re the parent in between the grandparents and grandchildren, perhaps you can initiate the idea of a family trip using these ideas!