Cleaning tips & tricks for Seniors

It’s always time for “spring cleaning” no matter what time of year, and if you’re like me, I love to clean all the time. Keeping my surroundings tidy helps keep my life feeling tidy too. Usually cleaning can be a lot of fun, but when you’re in pain it turns into a chore. Sometimes I find myself avoiding certain tasks like cleaning the oven because my back refuses to let me bend down painlessly. Small tricks can help a lot – like when I change or rinse out my mop, I pull it into the sink first instead of the classic bucket-on-the-floor technique. Helpful tricks can be found all over the internet and most prove to be completely transformative! 

Have fun reading the tips and tricks in the attached article and feel free to find more on your own. If you don’t have extension tools around, reaching tall places with a broom can be helpful too! From using rubber gloves on furniture to remove pet hair, to lint rollers on lamp shades, and lemon water sponge cleaning in the microwave, use these ideas and feel good while you clean again. Bring the joy back for that instant gratification!