The background story of popular word game Wordle

Whether you play Wordle every single day, or have only heard about it, this is a fascinating background to the history behind its origin, and the reason there is only one word per day.  A software engineer, Josh Wardle, created the game for his partner who is a fan of word games and didn’t realize how popular it would become. In the link below, there is an easy explanation of how to play Wordle, followed by tips and tricks, and then the background story.

“In a Reddit post, Wardle said he wanted Wordle to feel like a croissant, a “delightful snack” that’s enjoyed occasionally. This is explicitly why there’s only one puzzle per day. “Enjoyed too often,” he explained, “and they lose their charm,” Wardle says.  ”

In January he sold it to the New York Times for them to run with the condition it remain a free game to play. There are clones out there as well, but I think I’ll try Dordle next… where you must solve 2 Wordles at once..  and it ends with “a fairly comprehensive list of word games you can check out if you get tired of the original.”