#4 Summer Mocktail: Blue Lagoon with Spirulina.. Not Curacao

Even if you don’t go for umbrella drinks, I’m pretty sure everyone loves that classic tropical blue color. Harder to find than anything else on this list, blue spirulina is what brings the vibrance to this drink. Available to purchase from health food shops or easily on Amazon (use the link blue Spirulina), all you need is a ½ teaspoon to achieve this stunning color. Classically made with lemonade, the options for this drink are endless. I like to top it off with some club soda, pineapple juice (tints it a little green), or ginger beer! To turn this into a real cocktail, add a shot of your preferred liquor (rum is good for the tropical feeling). 

Currently being studied for its potential in cancer treatment, spirulina has been found to not only reduce inflammation, but also block tumor growth and kill cancer cells. Also known for its abundance of B vitamins, it provides a boost in your energy.