Collagen: Better Bones, Skin, Joints

If you haven’t tried adding collagen powder to your daily routine yet, get ready to buckle up! This all-natural protein is already found in your body and is great for you inside and out. Cure-all supplements sound too good to be true, yet this article tells you how adding collagen powder to your diet once a day is so good for your bones, joints, skin, hair, and more! The powder is tasteless and odorless, dairy-free, keto and paleo friendly..   Sounds like a cure-all to me. 

Although prevention seems to be the best method to tackle inevitable issues with an aging body, luckily there are plenty of remedies to help even after aging sets in. Collagen is the best of both worlds – helpful for prevention and helpful during the aging process too! Being all-natural, it doesn’t conflict with most medications and can be taken as a supplement (find it here as a powder or here as a capsule) or just by eating high-collagen foods.  After the age of 40, your body’s collagen levels decrease by about 1% each year, so it’s especially important if you are not eating many eggs or red meats to give your body this natural supplement to help with your bones, joints, and skin as you age.

Let’s talk benefits:

Do you want supple, firm skin? How about elastic joints that don’t hurt as much? Reducing wrinkles? A study after just twelve weeks showed improvements in skin elasticity, hydration, and fewer wrinkles. Collagen is important to our bodies beyond aesthetics as well, helping your joints move around comfortably and improve flexibility. Found in numerous common foods such as eggs, red meats, fish, and in harder to find but very beneficial spirulina (which you can find as: Spirulina powder or as a spirulina pill), you will have a delicious time staying on top of boosting your health!  Read more HERE about the top 5 Collagen-rich foods.

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