One Pot Meal #13: White Wine Chicken

A wonderful base for any white meat, seafood or poultry, white wine sauce is one of my favorite flavors in the world. Last night I made this exact recipe and served it up with a side of charred asparagus. I’m in love! I will most likely continue to use this recipe base and switch out proteins and vegetables as I go. Typically reminding me of the sea, a white wine sauce pairs perfectly well with hot summer weather that we’re all experiencing nationwide. With easy instructions and all made together in one pan, this is a quick and delicious dinner for everyone to enjoy. As I make my move away from dairy (aside from cheese – simply impossible to cut out of my diet), I used flour to thicken my sauce instead of cream, but either does the job of tying it together into a dreamy, thick sauce. Made to enjoy with any sides you can think of, or none at all, this is a fun recipe to play with. Enjoy the trip you’ll take with each bite of this decadent recipe!