Couples Yoga Increases Bonds

You’re never too old for a good “I dare you..” Before you pull out your mat to begin your daily yoga stretches, dare your significant other to join you. The practice of couples yoga may be one of the reasons that over 36 million people enjoy practicing yoga each day. While most consider yoga a solo practice, partner yoga provides additional benefits, especially if you are looking to enhance your relationship.

Couples yoga involves poses that require each person to rely and lean on the other during the session. Non-verbal communication is essential. The process requires trust, support, and vulnerability. Mimicry is the process of matching your partner’s moves, increasing empathy and bonding, according to a study from the British Psychological Society. 

Other studies found that couples who engage in challenging new activities together feel increased relationship quality and romantic attraction. Learning a new skill and slowing down could bring new life into an age-old relationship. 

If a simple hour together has the potential to release tension, build strength and flexibility, and focus on mindfulness, how could it not but help the bond between you and your companion?

Follow this LINK for an article that not only itemizes the benefits of couples yoga but offers you instructions on your first pose. All you have to do is breathe!