“Coastal Grandmother” Designs are Hot in 2022!

If you’ve been wanting to be known as a top trending design.. now’s your chance as the top 2022 trend in design is called Coastal Grandmother! This link from Houzz will go over details with great pictures, as well as clue you in on additional trending design terms which you may be interested to see.

Coastal grandmother is a whole lifestyle, encompassing fashion (rumpled linen and cashmere), food (farmers market veggies with white wine) and pastimes (beachcombing and living one’s “best life”). Lest you think it’s only for grandmas, the social media influencer who embraced the style and coined the term is under 30.”

The Japandi trend (blending Japanese and Scandinavian styles) has older roots – but earlier in 2022, searches for it were up 229% year over year..  Cottagecore has also recently surged, specifically with the Gen Z audience who is going after the cottage-inspired look but it’s a bit more fanciful.  Grandmillenial is focusing on the old traditional style, but pulls in some modern elements giving it the nickname “new traditional” as well.  Last but not least,  you can thank Valentino’s fall-winter 2022 runway show for the last style, coined Barbiecore.  You simply need to see the pictures as you read to the end of this article..  “Coastal Grandmother” is a whole lifestyle