Pilot Program: Renew Passports Online This Week without sending anything in!

If renewing your passport makes you shudder with the loss of time and effort required for you to show up with all your paperwork in hand or the risk of losing it in the postal mail world.. perhaps you are a member of the Lucky ones who have the chance This Week to renew online without the hassle of digging up and sending in any past passports or physical documents!

As the government runs a pilot program for the first 25,000 eligible participants, you must be at least 25 yrs old and have a passport which is expiring in the next 12 months.  The processing time is still between 8 and 11 weeks but if you don’t need it before then, this is a hassle free way to get that chore checked off your list. Hurry though since it’s only available for the next week and for the first 25,000 who register!



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You can renew your passport online this week if you act fast
Americans have the rare opportunity to renew their passports online this week, as the government rolls out a pilot program for a select number of applicants.

The program, which is a test for the hopeful full public roll-out in 2023, is available for the first 25 thousand eligible applicants, who won’t need to send in any physical documents or past passports.

To be eligible for the program, applicants must be over 25 and have a passport that is expiring within the next twelve months. Anyone missing out on the 25 thousand slots available may have the chance to try again in the coming months. Otherwise, the traditional method will need to be used if a passport is needed sooner than 2023.

According to the advice, the processing time is still around the same as the traditional method, which is between eight and eleven weeks, so those hoping to travel in the next five weeks should not attempt to renew.