Seniors and Freelance Work 

You’ve learned pickleball, the garden is blooming, and you played three rounds of golf this week. Now what? For many, the answer lies in the ever-burgeoning world of the gig economy, made up of part-time workers, seasonal employees, and independent contractors. The young at heart aren’t retiring the way their parents did. Keeping a sharp mind and staying active seems to drive seniors back into the workforce.  

Flexibility appears to be the main appeal of freelance work. You choose when you work, and the amount of time you want to give it.  Many take the expertise learned from decades in the workforce to consult in the same field. For others, it’s an opportunity to try something they’ve wanted to do for years. Hosting people at your home brings in money along with potential new friends. Ridesharing is especially interesting to the more loquacious ones. Online teaching is popular for those with a laptop in hand. 

Whether the income is needed or not, the money provides a cushion to enjoy other activities when you aren’t freelancing. You may find exotic vacations and family reunions more appealing if you can foot the bill with your newfound earnings. 

Follow this LINK for an article that describes all the pros and cons that the gig economy brings. You may soon be ready to begin a new, fun career.