One Pot Meal #14: Coconut Shrimp

While our one-pot meal series is based on the simple side of cooking, our recipe this week features some great tips for future meal-making! In my experience, I’ve found that curry is an acquired taste to many. Personally, I love curry when the flavor is mixed with another such as basil or coconut. This coconut shrimp curry is absolutely phenomenal and so easy to make. Serve it up with your favorite rice, or even atop more sauteed vegetables! Lately, the whole nation seems to have had a taste of rainy weather, and this light yet warm dish is a perfect combination to remember those cozy clouds but prevent overheating this far into summer. 

As far as this recipe is concerned, chili powder is great for those who want more control over how much spice their dish will have, and if you use curry paste instead of powder, be sure to mix it into the coconut milk/cream (it will blend much better). Keep in mind you can always add more spices later but you can’t take them out! If you’re a curry beginner – start mild and welcome to a different world of flavor!