70% chance You will need Long-Term Care Insurance: save $$ if you sign up sooner

Seventy percent of 65-year-olds will need some form of long-term care. If you are part of this majority, are you willing to deplete your savings to pay for it? It may be time to consider long-term care insurance because the earlier you invest, the lower your premiums will be. 

Care insurance provides coverage at assisted living facilities as well as nursing homes. The nursing homes offer round-the-clock services like rehabilitation and medical services. Seniors who need less support but still want services like medication management or housekeeping find comfort in an assisted living facility, which most long-term care policies cover. They also cover in-home care and home modifications for those who want to age-in-place. 

Long-term care insurance companies usually offer the policy to anyone between 18-85-years-old. The earlier you sign up, the better. Someone 60-years-old will pay three times the monthly premium as a 50-year-old.

Seniors today have more extended life expectancy rates. With long-term care coverage, you can help preserve your savings and assets since most health insurance policies don’t cover long-term care. 

Read HERE to read an overview of long-term-care insurance, who it best benefits, and how to research for the best policies.  Or, ask Harrison Lance for his assistance to help you find a custom fit for your age and budget: [email protected]