New Medical Alert System For Aging-In-Place: don’t wait on this purchase

Medical alert systems have evolved dramatically since the days of “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!”

For those seniors who are aging-in-place, there are modern features like GPS options, movement sensors, fall detection, and many bells and whistles such as tracking your activity level. With so many options to choose from, there are many questions to address before you choose the medical alert system that is best for you. 

Now you can pick and choose which features are essential to you. Do you want the device to monitor your vital signs? Do you want it to detect if you fall? Is a location detection feature desired if you still drive? Have you thought about how waterproof the product is since so many falls occur in the shower or bathroom? Will the range reach to the garden should an emergency happen while pulling weeds? 

An extensive list of questions allows you to create a blueprint before choosing your medical alert system.  This List can trigger issues you haven’t thought of and help you understand what options you don’t need.  Before you begin your search, be sure to clearly outline the options to meet the needs you have for aging-in-place.  THIS is one of the more attractive options out there in our opinion which can be worn in other ways aside from as a necklace – it can also be worn clipped to clothing or a purse or belt – and has a reliable 4G LTE connection & is equipped with GPS as well as WiFi.