Think about Aging in terms of Gains, not Losses: & you can live longer!

Memories in my past have, more often than not, involved the “it’s all in your head” phrase. Assuming most of you have experienced this as well, it may come as a surprise that some things really are all in your head. The following article explains how thinking positively about aging can actually improve longevity. Studies and research over a 23 year period, following a large group of individuals, led to significant findings which make it clear: we should all find ways to make a few mental readjustments so that you focus on a “Gain Mentality” as you age. Whether you agree with the poet William Wordsworth who noted that “The wiser mind mourns less for what age takes away than what it leaves behind.” or Robert Burns who said “the best is yet to be”.. this is a tact we can all choose to take to improve our quality of life as we age.

Ageism creates negative biases which can stunt the pleasures of life whether ageism is directed toward older people or millenials..

Coming from someone like me, I used to be all about focusing on strength and power in mentality, and have gradually moved towards science, logic, and reason. When reading an article like THIS, it sparks the previous light I held on the subject, but it also blends well with the science I’ve learned about stress and frowning. Smiling, being positive, even laughing can help elongate your life and for more reasons than one.