Proven Solution for Eliminating Cigarette Smell (or burnt food smells, etc)

Most people, even cigarette smokers, can’t stand the stale smell of cigarette smoke .. it seems to cling permanently to clothes, furniture, walls, houses, cars.. and for years people have tried various sprays or cleaning solutions and even odor-eliminating primers and paints – many of which have only masked the smell until it reappears in a few days, or worse yet there is a certain smell of its own from repeated sprays to mask the stale cigarette smell…

I found a great explanation in a video here about how an Ozone Generator is used to chemically eradicate the odor permanently!  One key part of this process is to be sure that there are no People, Pets, or Plants in the house when you use the generator. It’s fine with furniture, clothes, belongings, etc – so when you close up the space and turn it on, if you then open the door 30 minutes later and see smoke it means the Ozone is doing its work. The smoke will settle and dissipate as the generator uses its timer to run through its cycle. Ozone is a natural process in nature such as in a thunderstorm with lightning.  Lightning when it hits, emits a UV light which breaks up oxygen from H2 into H3 – and there’s an extra atom of oxygen, and that’s the ozone! So at a chemical level in your house, the ozone starts breaking down bacteria, fungus, and odors. So when you close all the windows and doors, and let the ozone generator do its work, it will chemically break down the bacteria and odors, causing a stinky smell – but then that dissipates, leaving a fresh no-odor environment as a result!

So it’s not just for eliminating cigarette smells, but also burnt food smells or strong cooking smells like curry, etc – just MAKE SURE that when you turn it on, there are no People, Pets, or Plants in the house during the ozone generator process, and it will work like a charm every time!  If you want to give it a try, this one is a great buy at $79.99!