FUN… the key to happiness as we age

You’re never too old to have fun! Everyone may have their own definition, and it may play out in any number of ways..  Here’s a new study which provides fresh insight into an inherent trait seen in young children that you can now add to what you want to accomplish today. Have Fun!

The author of the study spent five years studying people from all walks of life to determine a theory of fun. Fun – as an experience of liberating engagement or a temporary release from internalized restrictions. Remember chasing lightning bugs as a child or flying belly first down the slip-and-slide? No matter how you define fun, you know that feeling of total abandon. It could be as simple as a night of disco dancing or a ten-mile hike up a mountain as you leave all your cares behind and live in the moment. 

Modern society places a lot of emphasis on finding meaning and fulfillment in life. While this concept may contribute to someone’s happiness, it comes with challenges and responsibilities. Having fun, on the other hand, is free and liberating, even if it is transient. It is an excellent balance to internalized restrictions. 

Follow this LINK to read an article about the study from the researcher’s point of view. His recommendation? Set aside a specific time and place to allow yourself to let loose!