Know the difference between Simple & Complex Carbs

If you struggle with explaining the different kinds of carbohydrates, then join the club! Especially in a time when the Keto and low carb diets are extremely popular, certain people actually do better with a complex carb diet, but understanding why is the key.  This is new information for me too, so let’s learn about it together. In this new day and age with all kinds of information at our fingertips, a lot of it is overwhelming and you might not know where to begin or even where to end! It seems there are contradicting answers to almost every question you can ask. As we age and our metabolism changes, it’s even more important than ever to know more about two very different carbohydrates – simple and complex – which are where the body gets most of its energy.

Simply put, simple carbs are typically various forms of sugars (think syrup or sugary soda) but can also be found in healthy foods such as whole fruits or milk – and are digested much quicker than complex carbs. Producing shorter boosts of energy, it’s sometimes known to bring on a “sugar rush.”  Whereas complex carbs take longer to digest and therefore produce more sustainable, long-lasting energy… normally they are more often found in processed foods containing white flour and very little nutritional value, but can also be found in foods containing fiber which is great for keeping the digestive system healthy. Understanding what carbohydrates are and what kind of nutrients they give you, helps in deciding where and how to bring them back into your diet. 

Tune in next week for a closer look into the lives of our Centurions here and across the world who have known the secret for generations of how to live longer lives with eating habits focusing strongly on good carbs (vs bad carbs.)

If you’re curious to know more about the science behind simple and complex carbs: