Free one hour class, learning to draw Notre Dame Cathedral with Architect

Take a free class with an excellent instructor teaching you to draw the Notre Dame cathedral?  It’s your lucky day!

Enjoy one hour online with Professor and Architect Mark Keane on Thursday, October 13th as you “rediscover your love of drawing, sprinkled with a little history for good measure. Join architect Mark Keane for a hands-on experience learning to sketch Notre Dame — a landmark visited by 15 million people each year. Created between the 12th and 14th centuries, Notre Dame de Paris has French history built into its stones. The cathedral reflects the prominent role of Paris as an economic and spiritual center over the past 850 years. Considered by many to be “the heart of France,” a small geographic marker even measures all distances in France to Notre Dame.”  You do need to sign up in advance for this Free class so click HERE to save your place! It’s a live class, on zoom, and will take place at 2 pm Eastern time (which is 11 am Pacific time) on Thursday, October 13th.