One-Pot Meal #16: French Lentil Soup

If you’ve turned up your nose to lentils in the past, prepare for a great surprise of how delicious they can really be! Take a trip to the countryside of France with this fragrant delicious lentil soup. You can make it completely from scratch by making your own vegetable stock, or use store-bought like I do. Either way, it yields big time flavor that will make you wonder how you can bring more lentils into your life! In honor of our Blue Zone diet article, this brings more plants into your routine in a way you’ll love. Lentils are loaded with protein, fiber, iron, B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, and potassium, and they’re also inexpensive for a large amount! You can use them in ways you’d never thought of – like in a side dish (hot or cold) or over rice! If you have friends who’ve gone vegan and you never know what to make when they come over, this could be your go-to! 

Consider serving sliced sourdough baguettes alongside this dish that pairs beautifully with white wine or rosé. Adding a splash of color with fresh parsley or even sprigs of rosemary really top it off. Made easily in one pot over the span of half an hour, this is added to our list of weekly favorites. Enjoy! 


One-Pot French Lentil Soup Recipe