Simple Home Inventory App

Whether or not your home was damaged by Hurrican Ian, or you have ever been burglarized, or you want to make things simpler on your grown children when you someday pass away, you can appreciate this Great idea to easily establish an inventory of items in your home. While this “homework” sounds daunting, there are several apps to choose from which can make quick and simple work of this chore. You (and your family) will be thrilled and relieved when it is done as it saves time and prevents angst and frustration if you are dealing with the alternative of not knowing what you may have missed or forgotten.

Whether using a video or pictures to simply register what is in each room of your house with serial numbers or descriptions of value, or capturing pictures of important documents and having them filed by category in this system which can then be shared with your designated estate attorney or appointed family member, it is homework you will find invaluable some day.

Take a quick look at the explanations of each APP and how they are different so you can decide which is best for you!