Many Benefits (unknown to some!) of Cinnamon…

When comfort in colder seasons is brought to mind, it’s typically accompanied by the scents of cinnamon, the fluff of a warm blanket, and a hot drink held by both hands. Wondering why cinnamon is such a staple for these seasons is simple – because it fits so perfectly. Why wouldn’t it be a staple? Diving into the history of cinnamon will bring certain facts to life that may not have crossed your mind. 

In human history, there have been multiple different currencies like silk, furs, and food. At one point in time, for quite a long time actually, cinnamon was given a value placed higher than silver. As shocking as that is to hear, cinnamon held many uses that have long since been forgotten and were, once, critically important. From preserving meat (including Egyptians using it for embalming) to a medication for coughs and colds, this spice was fought over and even killed for. 

Nowadays, cinnamon will likely remain just a delicious addition to food and drinks, or a sachet in the living room or bathroom. However, even when brought down to a single use, it shines brighter than other spices and owns its own season across the world. 

With three distinct types of cinnamon, there’s much more to learn. The following Article describes this in full, and gives helpful tips with regard to which type you should use whether for cooking or to freshen up a room.

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