One Pan Meal 18: Pork tenderloin with heirloom tomato

Pictures of this dish may look simple, but it has incredibly complex and vibrant flavor. Growing up, pork tenderloin was a favorite of my step-dad’s and for good reason too. With a plethora of chef’s knowledge, he loved cooking and had found an amazing rub (a mix he made himself) that paired so beautifully with pork that it was impossible not to make it once a week. Any and all sides that he could serve it with, he did – all of which were also cooked like a professional. Brussel sprouts, green beans, cauliflower purée, you know it. Any meal he ever served us felt like we were sitting down in a restaurant – a privilege to eat. Seeing this recipe took me back to those days even though it is very different (& more simple!) from the pork he prepares. 

Excited at the prospect of eating a pork dish that is new to me, I wanted to bring it to the attention of this website! Cooking with heirloom tomatoes and shallots is very hard to mess up, and extremely delicious to taste. Adding the sherry vinegar at the end steps up the game to bring a 5-star meal to your table. If you like, add a dash of red wine in step 2. 

Enjoy this warm, comfy recipe either on your own, or to delight your loved ones! 

One-Pan Pork Tenderloin with Heirloom Tomato & Shallot Confit Recipe | EatingWell