Senior Phone Apps: Track Subscriptions & Earn $

If your family actually paid you for your opinion… you’d think you might be in the twilight zone! But there certainly are companies out there who want to pay for your opinion so they can improve their products. These apps also give you great ways to save money which is vital as we approach the holiday and gift-giving season.  Whether you are shopping for family gifts, or shopping to host a party at home, use these apps to save money and earn money at the same time!

We encourage you try this magic app that can show you all of your unused digital subscriptions – Or even duplicate subscription accounts! Ask your parents if you can do this for them as well.. many of us (no matter our age) may not realize how many subscriptions in our name are floating around out there, and many are on an automatic renewal.  It may be shocking how many you have forgotten about or never initiated! As this article link for Must Have Apps below will show you: “Download Rocket Money right now, and let it show you all your itemized subscriptions. Go ahead. We’ll wait. You’ll be shocked at how much money you waste without even realizing it. The small things really do add up.”  AgingTopic is doing what we can to help you prepare for the holiday season along with cleaning up (or cleaning out) any potential drains on your bank account.  Let us know any other suggestions you have by sending a note to [email protected].  Cheers!