White Chili for when it’s chilly…

If you haven’t had white chili yet, be prepared to be blown away. As much as I love red chili, white chili holds a special place in my heart – especially during fall. Chilis, stews, and soups in general are so much fun to explore once the weather turns “chilly”. Most of the recipes posted here have all been one-pot, to cater to those who do not have an instant pot (like me). If you do have an instant pot, feel free to follow this recipe verbatim (you can skip the pureeing part if you prefer it to be chunkier). For those of you who do not have one, I make this recipe in a normal pot on the stove-top and leave it on low to simmer once it’s put together for an hour or two. Personally, I love chunky chili. I believe that at its core, chili was made to be chunky, but the creaminess of pureeing it also works beautifully. 

Another incredible thing about chili recipes is how versatile they are. If you follow these weekly recipes, you know that I am obsessed with flexible recipes. Everyone has different tastes, and catering to them all is close to impossible. For this recipe in particular, I garnish it with rosemary springs and leave the cheese, cilantro, and sour cream far behind. You can explore variations to your heart’s content. Play with your favorite flavors and turn this into a fall tradition! 

Enjoy, and let us know what you think of this  vegetarian White Chili