Saturday 11/19 deadline for Free Delta “First” Vacation!

You’re never too old to have a First experience traveling somewhere new – or trying a new experience somewhere you have already been … and Delta wants to celebrate your dream vacation by holding a fantastic contest where Delta will be giving away 12 epic vacations!  No purchase necessary, and you only have this week to enter the contest which only started last Thursday and ends Saturday night November 19th.

When you review your 12 choices HERE it will be hard not to see at least one place to be extremely excited about! As you follow their rules and select your favorite choice, they ask for you to answer 3 questions; 1) Who comes with you and why? 2) What are you most excited for with this experience? 3) If you win, what do you think you will always remember about it?

Global in reach, the range of places runs from Tahiti to Greece, South Africa to Italy, Costa Rica to Hawaii, Nevada, Florida, and the list goes on!

We challenge all of our readers to play along, and if you win Please let us know so we can celebrate with you!