Low Cost Nursing Home Options

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Thanksgiving brings alot of families together including the grandparents.. and most of us never think our grandparents or parents won’t need serious and urgent help – until they do.  This morning I read an article about the increasing percentage of people over 60 yrs old moving into homeless shelters. Blame lies mainly with inflation and difficulty finding housing, but we as a community should find a way to band together and take care of our elderly, like any successful society would. The following article goes in depth on various ways to reduce, avoid, and help the cost of nursing home living. While it isn’t a subject people want to think about, it is one that needs to be addressed in every family when the time comes. Getting educated on the subject before you need to is always helpful, especially when understanding that you do have options – aging is never black and white. 

When the term “low-cost” comes around, people tend to associate it with lesser quality. Not one person wants to put their loved one in a home that won’t provide the best possible care. The number one concern in moving our loved ones into a nursing home, or moving into one yourself, is the chance that they might treat their clients horribly or not at all. That chance shouldn’t exist. During our progression as a nation, we are paying more and more attention to treating others with care and respect. 

Currently, the supreme court has agreed to hear a nursing home case that poses an interesting question: Should people who depend on initiatives funded in part by the federal government — such as Medicaid and programs that provide services for nutrition, housing, and disabilities — be allowed to sue states when they believe their rights have been violated? 

Fortunately, the percent of mistreatment in nursing home facilities reviewing all of them across the country is rare, and US News just rated over 15,000 different nursing homes based on ranking them for short-term rehabilitation, and long-term care. Here is the link: how we rate nursing homes

Here is the low-cost nursing home article which covers many categories including : how to afford a nursing home on a budget