Christmas Decorations Around the World

December is finally here, and as the festive month marches forward many of us will be filling our homes with the scent of baked cookies, Michael Buble’s Christmas album, and nostalgic warm lights. We also get to partake in the deeply loved tradition of decorating our tree. Growing up in America, so many of us love to fix a beautiful star or perhaps an angle to the top of our tree so it may radiate Christmas joy to us all. On a different note however, take a look at what other cultures use instead of our aged custom. In Germany, many families use candles to represent the stars that led Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.. Other cultures such as families in Greece don’t even decorate a tree, but rather they decorate boats and ships with festive ornaments and lights. In countries like Africa where Christmas is celebrated in the summer, check out the decorations on their palm and mango trees, sometimes even with sea shells! While we all may celebrate the holidays a little differently, it’s lovely to think about how among those differences, we are all united in the celebration of family and love. So this Christmas, feel connected to the past as you carry out generations of your culture with your loved ones.

In addition to Germany, Africa, and Greece, see more about how they decorate in China, Austrailia, Ukraine, and Italy! See more of their different decorations by following this link