Holiday Happiness! Great Wine with Very Low Sulfites + Great Coffee with Low Acid

I love wine….

I love wine, but as I’ve aged, wine doesn’t always love me back.  I was experiencing that stuffy and dull feeling the next morning, along with weight gain.  That was until I discovered Scout and Cellar, a wine company that delivers great tasting wine to your door.  All the wines are backed by a Clean-Crafted Commitment® which means zero added sugars, no synthetic pesticides, no added chemicals and, best of all, very low sulfites!  We also just introduced low-acid coffee called Scouting Grounds.  Each product is lab-tested to ensure it’s free of everything artificial.  I love the wines so much that I decided about two years ago to market the wine to friends and family. It’s my fun hobby in retirement!

Want to learn more and view the wines?  Visit my website: or email me at [email protected].  Happy Holidays!